We all know that single serve pods are a way of life for many people, but when  was the last time you had a really good cup of coffee from your single  serve brewer? We have set out on a mission to change this growing segment of coffee world. Let's talk about what that means. Did you know that the single serve pod industry is the fastest growing segment of the coffee world? Nearly 26% of American coffee drinkers used a single serve brewer. In 2017 alone, coffee pods sales hit nearly 5 billion dollars. To put it another way, over 16 million U.S. households currently have a single serve brewer on their countertop. The convenience of this system has made single serve pods the modern version of instant coffee.


First let's talk about freshness, the average single serve pod has a shelf life of 12-18 months. The time really begins to stack up when you combine the time it takes to roast, manufacture the pods, transfer to the producer's warehouse, ship to the seller's warehouse, and then transport to your local store. Your morning coffee could be 15-18 months old, don't you deserve better? We use our same artisan roasted coffee that is roasted to order, we then build and seal your cups, and then ship/deliver them to you. That means our single serve pods, on average, have been roasted less than a week when they are sent to you. Now that's fresh!

Next, let's talk about the pod itself. Most major single serve producers use plastic cups with aluminum lids that have been flushed with nitrogen. While this does create a pod that is protected from harmful factors such as light, moisture, and oxygen, they aren't doing much for our environment. It can take the average single serve pod over 200 years to break down in a landfill. We researched many options and finally landed on the one that we felt made the best cup of coffee, but was also best for the environment. We are using 100% compostable pods called Compo Cups. These Compo Cups are created and manufactured by UPAC2, a leading food storage product manufacturer based in Minnesota. These pods are made of biopolymers that are fully derived from plant-based annual resources that use no oil or petroleum to manufacture. This means that our pods are 100% compostable in 60-90 days. With over 30 billion pods going into landfills each year, we wanted to bring an more environmentally conscience product to our customers. So not only are you getting the freshest coffee possible, you are also helping create a better environment.

Join us on our mission to bring better coffee to a better world!

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We can help with all of your single serve needs, from helping your coffee shop produce your own pods, to private labeling for offices, business events, Air B&B's, and fundraising for your local school, church, club, or team. 

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